Stéphanie Mercier

Stephanie Mercier holds a B. A. Hons. in French and Economics from the University College of North Wales and a Master in English Studies from Poitiers University. She is a professeur agrégé who teaches to Theatre and Film Studies undergraduate students at Poitiers University, where she is completing her PhD: “The Commodification of the Body in Shakespeare’s Theatre”. She reviews regularly for the Les Cahiers Élisabéthains, L’Oeil du Spectateur and Reviewing Shakespeare. Her latest publications include: “‘Une pluralité d’individus’: le public shakespearien” (Cahiers FoReLL), “Simon Forman’s Review of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale: First Time Stage to Page” (OUP online journal English) and “‘[T]he old fantastical Duke of dark corners’: Vincentio’s Shadows in William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure” (PUR). Her conference research papers comprise the July 2015 “Cultural Friction with Native “Classical” Tradition in Staging Shakespeare Translations at the Comédie Française (Shakespeare 450th Birthday Season)”, at the 5th IATIS Conference, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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