Katarzyna Burzyńska

Katarzyna Burzyńskadefended her Ph.D. dissertation on Shakespearean and Marlovian overreachers at the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Her dissertation combines Nietzschean theory on great individuals with the development of Elizabethan individualism. Her research interests include the Elizabethan period, Shakespeare studies, the relation between literature and philosophy as well as existentialism and Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy. So far she has published four research papers including « Jean Luc Godard’s King Lear in the Light of Existentialism » in Ex‑changes : Comparative Studies in British and American Cultures (2012) and « A Polish Hamlet : Zbigniew Herbert’s ‘Elegy of Fortinbras’«  in New Readings Journal (2012).

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