Jacek Fabiszak

Jacek Fabiszak teaches the history of English literature at the Faculty of English at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. His research centers on English Renaissance drama on stage and in televisual and filmic transpositions (Polish Televised Shakespeares, 2005) as well as contemporary stage renderings. His major publications include a linguistic and sociological analysis of Shakespeare’s late plays, Shakespeare’s Drama of Social Roles (2001) and a most recent volume, of which he is the major editor, Crossroads in Literature and Culture (2013). Furthermore, Jacek Fabiszak popularized the Bard’s works in Poland co‑authoring Szekspir. Leksykon [Shakespeare. A Lexicon, 2003] and co‑editing Czytanie Szekspira [Reading Shakespeare, 2004]. He has also written on Christopher Marlowe.

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