Anny Crunelle-Vanrigh

Anny Crunelle Vanrigh is Professor at the University of Paris Nanterre (CREA EA 370). She has edited Arden of Faversham, The Two Noble Kinsmen and Edward III for the Bibliothèque de la Pléiade. Other publications include articles and notes on early modern drama for SEL, Word & Image, English Text Construction, Cahiers élisabéthains, ANQ, The Shakespeare Yearbook, The Upstart Crow, Shakespeare: A Journal. She has an abiding interest in Shakespeare’s contexts of interpretation and the recovery of their cultural meaning. Recent publications include La Duchesse d’Amalfi, Une femme en pièce(s) in collaboration with Yann Garcette (Presses universitaires de Nanterre, 2020) and Henry v (Ellipses, 2020); articles about Shakespeare on film include “All the World’s a Screen: Transcoding in Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet” (Hamlet on Screen, Shakespeare Yearbook 8 [1997]); and more recently, “‘Are you the author of the plays of William Shakespeare’: Shakespeare in Love de John Madden” (Bulletin du Ciclaho 5 [2010]). She is associate editor of XVII-XVIII, revue d’études anglo-américaines.

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