Patrick Gray

Patrick Gray is a Ph. D. candidate in English and Renaissance Studies at Yale University, where he recently completed a dissertation, “The Passionate Stoic: Subjectivity in Shakespeare’s Rome,” under the direction of Lawrence Manley and David Quint. He is currently an Adjunct Instructor of English at Providence College and will be serving as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature at Deep Springs College in the spring semester, 2012. He is co-editor with John D. Cox of an anthology, Shakespeare and Renaissance Ethics, featuring essays on Shakespeare’s relation to classical ethics, Christian ethics, and Montaigne, and will help host a seminar on the same topic, “Shakespeare and Renaissance Ethics,” at the 2012 convention of the Shakespeare Association of America, together with John Cox, Robert Miola, and Sarah Beckwith. Patrick has published and presented a number of papers on Shakespeare, Spenser, Milton, formalist criticism, post-Freudian psychoanalysis, and intellectual history.  His original verse musical about ancient Rome, Broken Chains, commissioned by the Yale School of Music, will premiere in December, 2012. Modeled on medieval mystery plays, Broken Chains recounts the history of the Neronian Persecution, and features a 22-piece steel band, as well as an innovative score, inspired by archival recordings of early American gospel music.

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